We believe in socially responsible and sustainable business.

Renewable Energy

We reduce our impact by using Renewable Energy. Our solar panels provide both our guesthouses from electricity. This is not only sustainable and has a positive impact on the environment, it also provides certainty that electricity is available at all times. Africa regularly has to deal with power cuts, in this way we ensure that we are not affected by this.

Local and organic food

We buy our food locally. We have direct contact with the local farmers, or buy our food at the Hermanus Weekend Market. At this market, small local entrepreneurs offer their organic products.

Water reduction

Climate change has affected water supplies within the region. We are, of course, very economical in terms of water consumption. We also ask this to our guests.

More than 80% waste recycling

We buy as many products as possible without packaging. The waste we have will be separated and recycled as much as possible.


We believe that education is important for the future. We have supported several children with their education.